Ireland’s leading plastic reprocessors
WE ARE Ireland’s leading plastic reprocessors.

ADN Materials specialize in the reprocessing of various plastic materials into a high quality plastic pellet for reuse in the plastic manufacturing industry. 

All materials taken on site are processed into a plastic pellet using our state of the art machinery, providing full traceability for all materials. We recycle 99% of the plastic materials into a pellet form for re use in the production of items such as plastic bags, Pipes and various other plastic products. 

ADN Materials Ltd is an Irish owned company operating from our fully permitted 40,000 sq ft facility in Co. Monaghan.  We offer all of our clients an individual service, suitable to each customer’s specific needs.

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R&D initiatives in this company are co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Ireland under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020.


ADN Materials Ltd. specialize in the reprocessing of Plastic materials into a high quality plastic pellet for reuse in the plastic manufacturing industry.
All material taken on site is recycled and reused again in the manufacture of plastic products. This gives our clients a fully traceable service from origin to end use.
We use state of the art machinery and processes to manufacture a high quality pellet, including shredding, granulating, washing, drying and extruding.
ADN Materials Ltd. is committed to offering a unique service which will suit each individual customer’s specific needs.

Why choose ADN Materials Ltd.?

ADN Materials Ltd. offers our customers a high quality recycling service which allows full traceability of their product.
We offer competitive prices for material, and arrange collection and delivery at a time which is suitable to the customer.
We give our customer’s a cost effective, environmentally friendly solution for their plastic material.

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